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                                                                                         A Compact Space Sets the Pace for Great Design

Your home is your very own space that welcomes you every time you walk through the door. This is also true of 1 BHKs and studio apartments, which is a popular choice of city dwellers. When most people think about a 1BHK interior in Mumbai and Pune, there could be a few concerns about space. But to us, bigger is not always better and this is the perfect opportunity to get creative and to think outside the box for a home that’s as unique as you. 

Space Planning: It is our standard practise to always proceed after making space optimisation plans which have been approved by you. This makes all the difference because it ensures that the interior design for a 1BHK or studio apartment is in keeping with how you wish to use the area. Further, we suggest numerous ways in which your ideas could be practically applied to the space. 

Storage: While working in compact residential structures such as a studio apartment interior, the question of storage is an important one. We understand this aspect and are experienced in providing practical, customised solutions for the same. Such storage is well concealed, easy to access and sufficient for various sized articles.

Lighting: The lighting in any room plays a critical role in creating the perfect ambience. It sets up the mood for special occasions, day-to-day living, entertaining and so on. When putting together the interior design for a 1BHK apartment, we pay a lot of attention to getting the light just right. This includes experimenting with natural light, paint shades, as well as indoor lighting, to elevate the space.

Affordable & Cost Effective: When you have us working on your home interiors, we guarantee you the satisfaction of knowing that every single penny has been well spent. The interior design cost for a 1BHK in Mumbai could initially be a factor that deters you. However, we assure you flexibility in scaling, depending on your budget and needs. You will find that our attention to detail, commitment and collaborative style of working, justifies the reasonable price you pay.

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