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Commercial Interior

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Commercial interior design is the kind of interior design that is done in commercial spaces such as offices, lobbies, retail spaces and other public areas. This demands a different perspective and creates a unique challenge, which we are well equipped to face. Our experience of over a decade has given us the much-needed awareness of the ground realities of successfully handling commercial projects. Whether it is a home office interior design or something on a bigger scale, we create and are aware of the latest trends to be able to serve you better. Our designs are inspired by your vision and inspire those who will use the space.


Whether you may be starting a new venture or growing in your present one, perfecting your interiors should be one of your highest priorities. Your office should be designed to promote productivity and inspire the occupants, all of which are pivotal to the success of your business. This is where our office interior designers, who have over a decade of experience, step in. We work with you to understand the nature of your business, identity of your brand and size of the space to provide you with the appropriate plans and solutions. These designed goals are then accomplished within your budget and on time.

Corporate Office

 A corporate office, in many ways, is the face of the company. Unlike a home office interior design, here we emphasise on representing the image of your organization in an elevated manner. Along with the main work areas, we also pay special attention to waiting lounges, cafeterias and conference rooms which are all designed with a meticulous eye to detail and functionality. Our aim is to create a cohesive and comfortable space that echoes the style, sophistication and work ethic of your establishment.

Factory Office

Owing to the larger size of a factory, the considerations for commercial interiors vary and are more demanding. However, you can rest assured, as our experience ensures that we are well equipped to deal with the challenges of a factory office. We focus on designing a safe space for occupants while paying attention to the management of safety hazards, sound and dust, while also ensuring proper air circulation. Another major aspect is lighting, as small office interior designs within factories would have to be well lit and ventilated. Our interior design consultants are always happy to consult and recommend the ideal panels, flooring and ceiling solutions so as to provide a productive work environment to your employees.

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