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  Interior Design Process

  • Survey   
Once you have commissioned the project, the first thing that is undertaken is a site survey. Our team makes a visit to the site to take measurements and to gain clarity on the technical requirements of the area. Any possible foreseeable challenges are duly noted and so are the rules of the premises. Enquiries regarding additional paperwork are also made, as per standard regulations.
  • Consultation
This is a crucial step as our interior design consultants will personally liaise with you with a goal to get a comprehensive understanding of your requirement. You will also be informed about the findings of the site survey. Lastly, budgeting goals and details will also be finalised.
  • Space Planning
Taking into account the traffic of the space, here is where the aspects of functionality, furniture placement and accessibility are mapped out in detail.
  • Furniture Layout Finalization
Pieces of furniture which have been personally selected and approved by you and the team, in keeping with the space map, are given the final go-ahead.
  • Design Concept
Our team will present you with a presentation of the design concept that combines spatial and decor elements.
  • Working Drawings
These are detailed drawings of the layouts with include construction, demolition, false ceiling, elevation of each room and so on. It will give you a better idea of the work required.
  • Listing Materials
Exhaustive lists are made of the raw materials required for the project, such as fittings, tiles, veneers and the likes, along with the predicted quantities required.
  • Contact Vendors
The necessary quotations are procured from every relevant vendor and contractor. The ones which are in keeping with the budget and project requirements are discussed and thereafter approved.
  • Commencement and Handover
Your project is begun and completed in stages, according to the pre-planned timeline. After all stages are completed and your requirements are met, the projects are handed over to you successfully.

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