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The hospitality industry is a part of the service industry. It includes hotels, restaurants and cafes. It takes expertise to be able to create an interior design for spaces like these which are visited by many people on a daily basis. We have had the pleasure of working on the interior designs of many hospitality projects for over a decade. This makes us uniquely qualified to handle the span, as well as depth, of such assignments exceptionally well. Our luxury interior designers will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, while giving you the advantage of creative solutions and practical insights to achieve this.                     


Being luxury interior designers, we are constantly walking the tightrope between opulence and elegance. When it comes to hotels, our experience of over ten years has led up to believe in the power of space. It is easy to get carried away with adding many elements but for effective design less is always more. Speaking of more, our experience has provided us valuable insights into the industry’s inner workings, so we know exactly how to create a space that makes your customers feel special, safe and as comfortable as they would be in their own homes. Your hotel will definitely benefit from our trained eye for great materials, furniture and lighting.


Motels are places for shorter stays and are often planned on a smaller scale keeping the focus on comfort and functionality. With a sound understanding of how to optimally utilise space, we proceed with drawing up plans that support your vision. The use of panels, mirrors and ceilings is done in a smart way to give the illusion of more space and light. We collaborate with you at every stage to ensure that what we deliver is what you have in mind.


There are many aspects of consideration to take into view when it comes to a restaurant’s interior design. As it is a place where customers visit frequently with loved ones to enjoy a meal, we wisely map ventilation points and provide for outlets so that any odours escape quickly. All materials selected are practical for long term use, be it upholstery, countertops or tiling. A welcoming ambience that evokes familiarity with a touch of class is created. Safety and security is a priority and every plan is designed keeping this in mind.


Cafes are ideal places for all types of customers, ranging from teenagers to businessmen, who flock to meet, greet and spend some quality time revitalizing before heading back to their day. Our café interior designs are designed with a contemporary edge, supported by the latest decor trends and influences of popular culture so your café is always a popular choice.

Seeing that there are consumables being served, we emphasize on safety, efficiency and hygiene. We pick out easy-to-maintain materials that are easy to clean and help keep the area tidy. With a meticulous way of attending to every last detail, we make sure that the art on the walls, the colour of the flooring and the shapes of the seating come together as a harmonious whole.

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