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There are many aspects that make a house, a home. After all, it is the place you reside in and share with your family members. Your home is the oasis you return to from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, your home interior should be quintessentially ‘you’.  It should be a space that provides you with every amenity and convenience that contributes to comfortable living. You should be able to rest, enjoy a meal, raise children, entertain guests and also work from home to your heart’s content. On the other hand, your house interior should ideally reflect your standard of living too. This is where we, as one of the best home designers, step in. If you need an interior designer in Mumbai and Pune who is capable of catering to all your requirements, look no further. We have over ten years of industry experience and have handled diverse residential projects during this time. 

                                                                                                                      Our Areas of Expertise

Our expertise includes apartments of various sizes, villas and bungalows. We have designed bespoke residential spaces in multiple styles. It is always our pleasure to create homes that feel personal, authentic and tailored to your family. It is our understanding that when you find an emotional connection with the home interior we’ve designed for you, our job can be considered done.

                                                                                         We pride ourselves on our conscientious attention to every detail.

From the smoothness of the tiles to the shade of paint on the walls and patterns in the wood panels, we ensure that it all comes together cohesively. No element is too big to handle or too small to care about for in the making of your perfect home.  To us being the best home designers we can be means spending the time to understand the angle at which sunlight shines through your windows so that the curtains may do it justice. If you are an art aficionado, then the indoor lighting options can be customised to feature these pieces. 

                                                                                         For every home interior project, our vision is set and guided by the space. 

What results in a house being a great home to live in, is the smart utilization of the space in it. Our team of design consultants are seasoned to provide you with ingenious, practical solutions. They address the variety of challenges regarding furniture, storage, lighting and material choices head on. Further, if your home has children living in it, then their needs are always accounted for and catered to thoroughly. We are particular regarding all safety and compliance regulations, as required on-site or by the city’s governing laws. 

                                                                                           We follow a modern approach to an age old science

As an interior designer in Mumbai and Pune, our approach to designing interiors is a contemporary one. At the same time, you will find that we are flexible in understanding individual needs. At the end of the day your home is your sanctuary. We believe in a collaborative approach that starts with you. Then our home interior design team augments and lends their know-how to better mould the image you have in mind. You can rest easy while we systematically, enthusiastically and creatively work on delivering a vibrant and truly inspired home environment for you.

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