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Two Bedroom Flat

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A two bedroom flat is ideal for a family but is also perfect for those living on their own, as the extra space could be utilised or opened up, as per your liking. In any case, life in the city has its own set of challenges and this in turn impacts certain aspects of interior design. When it comes to a Two BHK interior, we have ample amount of experience to handle the planning, designing and executing of such residential projects. We take a collaborative approach towards working, which ensures that your inputs are the starting point for the vision of your 2 bedroom interior design. 

Space Planning: Considering that the home interior design for a 2BHK flat is most commonly for a family unit, there are members of various ages to consider when designing the space. Expectations from their personal spaces can often vary, and certain needs can differ from each other. For instance, if there are children in the house, then fabrics, colours and furniture are chosen keeping them in mind. Thus, we make it our duty to accommodate the varying requirements of house members and cohesively including their needs when planning a 2 bedroom interior design.

Lighting: Lighting is what helps uplift the mood of spaces so we take that extra step to get it just right. Natural light is an excellent source of lighting and we ensure its smart usage in every room, for the benefit of all living in the space. On the other hand, we also plan indoor lighting in a manner that enhances the 2 BHK interior design styles that have been chosen. The areas of your residence that require featuring or are in need of brightening are done so in a classy manner. The finer details which bring a polished look and add finesse to your home are entirely handled by us.

Storage: When there is a group of people or a family sharing an apartment, there is a chance that the whole place can begin to look quite cramped after a while. You will find that it happens because of an increase in possessions, over a period of time. This is where a sound home interior design for a 2 BHK comes into play. With the provision of hidden as well as visible storage areas, cabinets, lofts and sections, you can enjoy your home environs longer while appreciating the benefits of organisation and access to all your belongings.

Smart Utilisation of Extra Spaces: If you happen to be staying in an apartment with two bedrooms on your own, then we can certainly help you get creative with the extra space. You can, of course, also choose to use the extra room as a living area for your guests. There are plenty of great ways to utilise such a space, such as creating a walk-in closet, a study, an activity space or a gaming room. You can leave the nitty-gritty details to us and look forward to a customised space that is just for you.

Whatever theme you select for your 2 BHK interior design, we will work towards your decor goals with you, ensuring the space is a reflection of who you are. We guarantee that the love you have for your home will proudly mirror your interiors.

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